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I have always envied the life and achievements of one of the world’s renown pediatric neurosurgeon, Benjamin Solomon Carson. He is an inspiration to many who wish to rise to his level both in the medical profession and other fields of study. My motive has always been to meet and interact with Ben Carson personally. It’s been my long-term goal to interview him on how he overcame all the societal odds and emerged as one of the successful personalities in the history of US. I have a burning passion of pursuing my dream career of becoming one of the most influential figures in the US healthcare docket and meeting Carson will be a stepping stone towards realizing my life goal. Our past life experiences are crucial in defining and shaping our present. Being raised by a single mother in a humble background was a major limitation to the life of Benjamin Carson. The cruel nature of the society emanates from the element of subdividing people into social classes. Individuals brought and raised in less fortunate families are less privileged and have to struggle to make ends meet. My zeal to learn how Carson overcome racial prejudice in a white-dominated state, Michigan, is undying. Despite all these challenges, Carson emerged triumphant in an imbalanced society. Healthcare is a delicate profession that prompts one to dedicate their life to caring and helping members of the community on health-related matters. I always look forward to learning why Carson choose to venture into the field of neurosurgery. His latest interest in politics is also questionable considering his influence to the entire US community. I thought he would continue his medical and scientific research on how

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