Small business locates in West L.A. (Asian food restaurant preferred)

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Small Asian Food Restaurant Business Located In West L.A. Executive Summary Setting up a restaurant business in West Los Angeles town would require accurate planning beforehand. The plans need to focus on the core operational areas; the startup expenses the industry analysis as well as the market structures. Without a proper plan, the business might fail due to unforeseen challenges. In this regard, this paper explores the economic variant factors that may influence the development of restaurant in West LA, specifically targeting the Asian population living in the place. Notably, the foods industry is one that has surest opportunities for growth in the modern society. It is multi- billion dollar industry whose investments can turn out to be very profitable. The business will thus enter into the market as a medium positioning. It will also analyze the major competitors and compare with its strengths, and opportunities, as well as threats and weaknesses. The pricing models will need to be developed as well as the operational business plan. It would thus be important for the business to have accurate financials that can be used during the start-up. A budget is included to help in making a more focused decision on the accuracy and the value of the business organization. A management structure is given at the end of the document to show how, when and what the business organization needs to have in place regarding personnel before the commencement. The exit strategy is also given to help the management of the business create proper plans in case their role in the business are likely to come to an end. It is a business plan that is brief

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