Sleep Disorders

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The term paper explores sleep disorders. It is a demonstration of the effect sleep disorder has on college students, being a common aspect. It states that it is healthy for students to get eight hours of sleep maximum. By using supportive data, the paper examines the lifestyles that impose dangerous sleeping trends on students aged 18 to 25. In examining the cognitive domain, the focus lay on behavioral, normative and attitudinal control tenets that lead to poor sleeping patterns. For the emotional domain, when students endure some situations that harm their emotional status, they tend to become stressed and depressed damaging their sleep patterns. The physiological domain explored the variations that occur at puberty affecting sleep patterns, even in the early stages of adulthood. Socially, the paper highlights inappropriate habits such as alcoholism and drug abuse on sleep deprivation. Self-reflection I am a twenty-two-year-old student from Ohio who majors in the Arts. I am bound to graduate in April 2017. Sleep disorder intensifies with age, and as I proceed into my next developmental stage, which is young adulthood, I expect to face challenges, just like the majority, who tend to experience difficulty falling and staying asleep as they age. Advancement in age will worsen the identified interrelations of the four domains. For instance; as a young adult, I expect more emotional frustrations. It is during this time; that one is at the beginning of their career and serious dating sets in. Relationship and work, disappointments could result in insomnia. The need to fit in socially and the drive to achieve a desired financial status may give rise to disorders in my next

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