slavery by another name

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Slavery By Another Name Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Slavery By Another Name Whites in the southern part of the US faced two significant problems following the liberation of slaves at the end of the Civil War. Wealthy businesspeople who had previously enjoyed a vast pool of unpaid labor were confronted with dropping profits. On the other hand, poor whites who were unable to own slaves regarded blacks as undesirable competition for work. It is critical to note that these issues resulted in the re-enslavement of blacks in what is commonly denoted as Slavery By Another Name. Notably, law enforcement became a means of de facto slavery. As opposed to protecting the interests of people equally, law enforcement allowed blacks to be incarcerated for all sorts of crime ranging from murder to petty theft. They were subsequently leased out to anyone who was in need of workers at that time (See Black See Power, 2014). Police officers, court officials, and other people linked to law enforcement turned delinquencies into nebulous offenses and felonies to maintain the supply of prison labor. The corrupt justice system facilitated the re-enslavement of black defendants who were unable to pay their fines. Typically, the system forced black offenders to sign labor contracts with any whites who offered to pay the excessive penalties (See Black See Power, 2014). The contracts allowed owners the right discipline their workers with chains and whips. What is more, contract owners could extend the agreements indefinitely, a situation that resulted in re-enslavement. Despite violating human rights, leasing of convicts was big business in southern states. Convicts toiled

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