Slavery and the Constitution

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: Slavery and the Constitution Slavery in North America was brought by the British colonialist who participated in the trans-Atlantic trade. The physique of the African American people was particularly favorable for the farming activities in North America where tobacco and rice plantations flourished. With the option of cheap labor, the whites ignored the urge to keep their morals because the economy was a dominant factor when making decisions. The laws did not consider the rights of the slaves at the moment as they were just seen as properties of their owners and no one had a right to question how their masters handled them. But with time Quakers became concerned with the nature of the treatment of the slaves and prompted for their freedom and liberty which was received with substantial resistance but later succeeded during the drafting of the constitution. The African American slaves were themselves the front runners in fighting for their rights and driving for the abolition of slavery. They used aspects like religions and the power of some of their masters who with time understood their pleas and considered struggle for independence. Ministers like David George, Andrew Bryan, and George Liele were instrumental in stirring the revolution of the slaves. Thomas Jefferson was among the whites who vouched for the abolishment of slavery in the new world; he does this by provoking and accusing King George of Britain of instigating and supporting slavery even though he had 200 slaves himself ("Jefferson On Slavery "). He argued that the slaves be sent back to Africa and be colonized at their home country and

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