Slam Poetry

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course number Date Slam Poetry Slam is a movement of poetry that emerged in the 1990s. The presentation was in the form of a competition where the poets would read their poems to an audience without props or costumes (Holman 1). The motive of the activity was to move poetry from the academics to the broader audience. The form of poetry represents all the aspects of society, traditions, and the ways of life that people are leading. From that, it incorporates every one and anyone can present his or her message on platforms such as open venues. The developer of the style designed it to attract attention in many occasions. It borrows characteristics from the ancient orals and the delivery style mostly among the youth mimics that of the hip-hop music. From perspective, it high imitates the dub poetry tradition which was a politicized rhythmic genre from the black and the West Indian culture. The above characteristics makes it possible for a presenter to choose from a wide range of styles and themes. The elimination of props and other aspects of performance poetry ensures that slam poetry keeps changing thus discouraging boredom. Freestyle and inclusion of every person always brings in something new that acts as a challenge to other poets. That in turn makes them try other new things hence the constant changing of the style (Holman 1). Moving poetry from the academics to the broader audience tends to be a major objective of the movement. It also aimed at challenging the authority of any person who thought that he had power over literature. The rules set by other types of poems brought in many limitations which slam poetry

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