Skills you acquire through a liberal arts Dance major, and how these skills translate into other careers

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Student’s Name: Teacher’s Name: Course Name: Date: Liberal Arts Dance Degree and other Careers Abstract For a long time, liberal arts dance major has been referred to as useless by various critics. In fact, most of the critics have argued that acquiring a degree in dance is a waste of time and money considering the limited opportunities available in the job market. Most students are always in a state of panic after finishing their dance arts degree since they consider themselves the less privileged when it comes to the number of job offers they get. Comparing the course with other majors such as engineering and law, art dance students always find themselves struggling in the job market. It is for this reason that many critics and analysts have come up to criticize the importance of the course and why it should not be taken as a career by students. In fact, most critics consider it a course that people should only do as a supplement to other majors. In this regard, this paper seeks to demonstrate the importance of liberal arts dance as a degree and the benefits that come with the degree. The paper shall also discuss the various careers that a dance major can pursue other than dancing with a professional company and choreographing. In essence, this paper seeks to demonstrate how the skills acquired through the years of dancing by a dancer can translate into other careers as well as a full-time career in itself. Introduction/ Background Information Dance is defined as the body movement in a rhythmic way, more often than not to music and within a certain space, with the idea and reason of conveying an idea, feeling or releasing of energy or basically taking

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