skills needed to communicate with children and young people.

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Author Tutor Course Date Communication Effective communication with children and young people requires a person to possess some skills. Although people might engage in this activity on a daily basis, it is essential to focus on the process of doing this as effective communication plays a vital role in a person’s life. Children are in the phase of learning how to communicate; their learning is dependent on the responses provided by others. When they get a feeling that their contributions are not valued, they are less likely to initiate the communication process. The first skill required is the ability to find opportunities to speak. Young people and children should be provided with enough opportunities to talk. Some children might lack confidence; this makes it difficult for them to say what they may want, they might also have a hard time expressing themselves towards adults. When children try to speak but have trouble expressing themselves, it is essential to encourage them with a nod, helpful questions or through a smile as a way of showing interest. The second skill is maintaining eye contact and listening actively. When listening to a child or a young person while looking at and doing something different, the child gets a perception that the person they are talking to is not interested in what they have to say (ATA 19). It is important to note that in addition to what is being said, the intended meaning may be expressed through emotions or other non-verbal methods. Also, the manner in which a person responds to a question is part of the communication process. Replying the right thing based on what the conversation is about is an indicator that a person is

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