Situational Approaches to Leadership

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Situational Approaches to Leadership Question One a) The leader should use delegating in this situation. The architects are highly skilled which means that they have a highly competent. They also have high opinions, which shows that they are committed to their tasks and can do anything possible to ensure that the task is accomplished. Therefore, the leader does not need to offer them instructions since they are freethinkers or support as they are experts in the areas (Reed, 2015). However, the leadership role remains, which necessitates the availability of the leader to ensure that all the things are running smoothly and that the architects are making good progress. A leader’s availability is vital for the effective completion of the task. Question One b) The leader should use a directing approach in this case. The employees are teenagers who are yet to graduate from High school. However, despite this, their interest in the job shows that they are highly committed to the job. They lack the experience as this is their first job. They, therefore, fall into the D1 category and therefore are fit for directing approach where the leader offers less support and more directions (Reed, 2015). Directing involves giving them instructions on how to do the tasks in the restaurant to increases their competence. Question one c) The software engineers, in this case, need a supporting style of leadership. They are highly skilled which means that they need minimal directing. However, their strength in their individualism. Each of the software engineers performs well when working alone. The task requires them to work as a team which may reduce their level of confidence. Therefore, the

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