Singapore’s Economy Performance

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Singapore’s Economic Performance Name: Institution: Abstract The paper discusses the economic performance of Singapore. It is broken into four parts that include production output performance analysis, labor market analysis, price level analysis and the summary. The paper starts by establishing that the country's economic growth as among the best in the world by calculating Singapore's Real GDP growth. It then discusses the conditions that make's the country conducive for businesses and investors from all over the world. The paper also documents the low inflation and unemployment rates in Singapore. Particularly, it discusses the government's dedication to the economy growth by the formulation of effective monetary and fiscal policies. Most importantly, it relays appropriate statistics for 2015 and the preceding year to draw a clear picture of the different areas of analysis of Singapore's economy. Further, it discusses the causes and effects of inflation and unemployment and analyses how the government has managed to deal with the two aspects of the economy. Finally, the paper provides a succinct summary that highlights all the aspects that are discussed in the body paragraphs. Singapore’s Economic Performance Singapore is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. After attaining her independence in 1965, the economy has grown rapidly and now has among the highest GDP in the world. The economic growth is attributed to the extensive foreign activities especially from port activities that include oil and electronic components. The country is also a leader in direct foreign investment and categorized as an extremely free, competitive, and business

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