Should the United States drill for oil in U.S. nature reserves?

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Why the United States should not Drill for Oil in U.S. Nature Reserves Outline Thesis: The United States should not allow oil drilling in its nature reserves since it has a damaging impact on the environment, it does not guarantee a return on investment and the revenue collected from oil production may not significantly change oil prices in the country. The United States should not permit oil exploration in its natural reserves because the problems it creates in the environment outweigh any benefit that it may bring. By drilling oil in nature reserves, there is a great potential that a natural treasure may disappear for a limited supply of oil. The United States should not consider drilling for oil because the return on investment is not guaranteed. Oil drilling in the nature reserves may not generate projected revenues. Counter-argument: The United States should drill for oil in its natural reserves since it makes economic sense and is less damaging due to modern technology. Oil drilling in these areas can enhance the security and economy of the country. Oil drilling in natural reserves is the only way that the US can meet its energy demand and address the issue of decreasing oil supplies. The US should drill for oil in natural reserves because there are modern exploration mechanisms that can ensure the safety of the environment during drilling. However, while oil drilling in the natural reserves may increase oil barrels in the country, it may destroy people’s surrounding and limit their ability to improve their economy. Furthermore, this rebuttal is weak since it does not acknowledge the impact

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