Should Students Wear School Uniforms

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Should Students Wear School Uniforms The issue of what student should wear to class has created controversial opinions. What seemed to a simple problem is becoming political. People are becoming opinionated, and in the process of debating, offenses emanate. The debate is argued based on the safety issue, student rights issue and the problem of fostering national unity. The problems relating to dress codes in schools have been discussed in classes, boardrooms, and even courtrooms. However, there has not been an authentic way to proceed over the issues. This study explores various views regarding school uniforms it also examines the advantages and demerits of the issues involved. Finally, this study recommends principles that may assist policy makers in developing better guidelines and acceptable parameters for school uniforms. Origin of uniforms in schools The introduction of standardized clothing in academic centers can trace back in 1222 in England. The archbishop recommended an outfit, which looks like robes for students. Earlier in the US school, uniforms were only used in private schools except for public boarding institutes for Native Americans. Eventually, advocacy for school uniforms began as teachers suggested that the attires controlled student behaviors. In 1996, Bill Clinton delivered a speech advocating for school uniforms in Congress (Mitchell N.P). He continued the campaigns for school uniforms to 1998 when Phil Graham accused Bill of intrusive politics (Schwartz 769 - 809). The following are arguments that are common in the arguments. Opponents and proponents of school uniforms both cite the origin of the idea. The debates focused on the background suggest

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