Should public school students be required to wear uniforms?

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Debate on Public School Uniforms Name Institution Debate on Public School Uniforms For safety and equality within the school compound, institution’s administers should ensure that every pupil within the compound of the facility is in school uniform. One of the surest ways of addressing the issue of safety within the confines of a school is through wearing school outfits since the attire encourages neatness and avoids dressing culture associated with violence. The connotation of uniforms with equality within the school compound creates a feeling that all the students are the same regardless of their background and that a school is a place for learning and not for show off with different expensive dresses daily. In an attempt to support the mentioned argument on school uniforms in our public schools, the paper discusses the following points (Gereluk, 2007). Learning environment for students becomes safer if they are in school uniform. According to Alexander and Alexander (2011), both the school administrators and parents support the idea of putting on school clothes so as to boost a learning environment that is conducive for all students. Uniforms avoid learning distraction from how someone looks which allows the pupils to spend more time concentrating on classwork other than dressing. At that younger age, the students might fall for peer pressure related to the latest trends and styles o wear to school, which might in the long run result to poor concentration in class. School outfits avoid such unnecessary pressure hence boosting an ambient of learning equally for all. A study carried out in England on the importance of school uniforms (Gereluk, 2007), point

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