Should people who pay more taxes get more votes?

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Name Professor Title Date Should people who pay more taxes get more votes? Tax is an obligatory contribution to national income, imposed by the government on business profits, workers’ income, transactions, and services. The United States of America, each State has its tax system that is separate from the other states thus making the tax system complex. Taxation is done proportionally, and therefore the wealthy people pay more tax than the poor. Though the poor and the rich don’t match in taxation, they each possess only one vote. During the election, the poor and the rich people have an equal say in deciding the leadership of the country. However, some people think that the wealthy people should have more votes. This is evident when billionaire venture capitalist Tom Perkins says at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco that Americans should not be able to vote unless they pay taxes and that the wealthy should have more votes (“How One Billionaire’s Idea to Give Rich People More Votes Is Already in the Works” n.p.). Tom Perkins’ idea can interfere with democracy and therefore, my opinion is that people who pay more taxes should not get more votes. All people should have equal rights in voting. If the rich people are given more votes, they will be able to elect the people they want, and therefore this will lead to low levels of representative democracy. The poor citizens will be persuaded that the regime only represents and serves the welfares of the wealthy people and this will lead to high chances of a revolution. When the wealthy people are given more votes based on their tax contribution, they will gain more influence in politics. With this

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