Should Kids Be Required To Wear School Uniforms

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Institutions provide several reasons for students to wear uniforms. The proposers suggest that students having uniforms will assist them to concentrate on their academic performance rather than fashion. Furthermore, with uniforms, there is less violence, since there are fewer conflicts over criminals colors and prominence. This article also provides arguments regarding the debate if students should wear uniforms. The proposers confirm that the uniforms have an impact on keeping the scholars focused with minimal distractions. Students with uniforms make security easier because when they all have the same dress code, it is easier to identify non-student in the school compound. When students wear uniforms, they are more disciplined; it results in better academics and values. Several institutions also say that it helps to equalize things as there will be less focus on clothes and collective status, but to learn. When scholars wear uniforms will better for the institution at large as students will not compete based on the type of clothes and how expensive they are but on the basis of education. On the other hand, the opponents claim that students should not wear school uniform that it does not allow youths to search for their identities, express their individuality. They also suggest that it is not yet proven that uniforms improves the academic performance or minimize gang violence. Besides, the amount of misbehavior is the same between schools that adopted uniform as the dress code and those that do not. Works Cited "Should Kids Be Required To Wear School Uniforms?." Junior Scholastic 109.1 (2006): 6. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 8 Dec.

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