Should Drug Use Legalize

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: LEGALISATION OF DRUGS War on drugs has been in existence for a long time. Many argue that if the so-called hard drugs are legalized it will lead to extensive abuse which will result in health complications to the users. Another claim is that the drugs should be legalized so as to reduce the drug-related crimes. The fact remains that legalization will be the only way to control the use of drugs in the society. Drug legalization will mean the drugs will be readily available for anyone who is interested. Health organizations claim that this will pose a risk to the minors in the society because they will be freely exposed to the drugs. Despite making the drug freely accessible, rules can be set up so that only adults get access to the drugs. It will also mean that the drugs will be much cheaper. The production of narcotics will increase, and drug taking will also increase. The problems which come as a result of intoxication such irresponsible sexual activities will increase. This will mean the risk of attracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS will be on the rise. A British philosopher argued that no one should be prevented from using drugs as long as there is no harm caused to the rest of the society. Getting a kilo of heroin is as expensive as buying a new luxury car but it has the same effects as ecstasy which is freely used. The same case applies to marijuana which is used as a stimulant drug by hospitals, but when smoked openly it is said to be legal.(The Case Against Legalization, The reason why most governments cannot control the use of drugs is that it is illegal and considered a crime; no rules can be

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