Should businesses install trangender bathroom?

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Transgender Bathrooms Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Transgender Bathrooms Business should install transgender bathrooms in their buildings because they have many advantages that can enhance the welfare of the employees and other people who visit the firm. One, transgender bathrooms enhance time-saving. Ladies naturally take longer time in the bathrooms than men (Enochs, 2018). Thus, if the bathrooms are separated in terms of gender, the queue for the ladies are longer than that for men. Consequently, sometimes men bathrooms may be empty but no woman can use them. Therefore, if all the bathrooms are open to all genders, queues would be shorter. Secondly, unisex bathrooms make it safe for people who are transgender. Restrooms that are segregated based on gender discriminate the transgender person, and hence they are in a confusion of which bathroom they should use. Statistics show that about 70 percent of transgender persons have had cases of verbal harassment in the segregated bathrooms (Enochs, 2018). Additionally, about 10 percent of the people have experienced physical harassment. The presence of the transgender bathrooms will reduce the cases of harassment among these people. They will have the freedom to use any bathroom without the fear of being questioned by anyone Enochs, 2018). Therefore, the unisex bathrooms will ensure that all people are treated equally and are happy in the organization. The transgender bathrooms also enhance the safety of children and the sick people who are accompanied by people from different genders. In the segregated bathrooms, the sick and children may not be accompanied by people close to them and hence their

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