Should Animals Be Used for Medical Research?

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Should Animals Be Used in Medical Research Student’s name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Use of animals for medical research has led to numerous benefits for humanity and animals as well. Continuous search and study of animals as experiments in laboratories through scientific inquiry has enormously reduced cases of human diseases and suffering, while substantially increasing life expectancy. The majority of achievements in medicine and biology have been achieved through experimenting with animals as illustrated by some examples in this paper. There remains a lot to be learned and discovered through the use of animals and studies in areas such as the development of vaccines and diagnosis of Cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, dementia, AIDS, and many other diseases will be understood better through the use of animals. Keywords: vivisection, T-Lymphotropic lentivirus, Introduction According to Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (2008), experimenting with animals for medical research has been in use for several centuries, with the earliest records having been done in Greece more than 2000 years ago. The significant advances in medicine and the knowledge gained on how organisms work has been through the experiment with animals. However, there has been concerns raised about animals used in the laboratory for experimental purposes, and it is equally as old as the use of animals for experiment. The antivivisectionist groups and animal welfare activists have been around from 19th century, and now there are regulations and legislations governing the use of different animals for medical research. All medical research practitioners using animals now

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