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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Euphoria by Lily King Published in 2014 by Lily King, Euphoria is a novel based on real life events in 1933. The story, taking place in New Guinea, revolves around social scientists. To be precise, the three main characters were inspired by anthropologists due to the latter’s involvement in baffling romantic relationships. The author’s characters are representative of the anthropologists, Margaret Mead, Reo Fortune and Gregory Bateson that delineate progressiveness in social sciences. In critiquing Lily King’s novel, there are useful theories and lenses that may be employed by her readers. Apropos of Euphoria by Lily King, there is an existence of the feminist theory. Sociologists reiterate the importance of this theory in comprehending gender inequalities prevalent in various societies. It mainly addresses discrimination and segregation of women in comparison to their male counterparts. Feminist theory, alternatively known as feminism, is an important concept which aims to bridge the gap between males and females. Beginning from King's characterization, her readers meet a female that is thriving in a male-dominated community (King, “Euphoria”). Nell, the female protagonist, is used by King to regard women and their achievements in the field of social sciences. Conversely, Fen’s character portrays a male chauvinist that, instead of rejoicing in his wife’s success, feels threatened by the same. Such reactions portray the rampancy of patriarchal societies where women are treated as male property. Feminist theory, therefore, attempts to understand the causes of gender inequalities before

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