Short Fact Pattern Analysis Revised-2

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Short Fact Pattern Analysis Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Professor: Case Scenario Jane began her employment with X Company as a quality supervisor in 2010. She is currently employed in the company as a safety supervisor, a position she assumed in 2014. She is a mother of triplets who were born on December 29, 2016, and another daughter who was born on August 6, 2007. In 2017, Jane applied for a promotion as a quality manager. Three other X Company employees, all of whom were females and one male applied for the safety manager position. The top two candidates for the position were Jane and George, the latter who is a father of two children of minor ages. Alice, who is the HR head is said to have made certain comments during the interview, which ultimately tipped the scale in his favour. Moreover, George is alleged to have published certain defamatory information about Jane in a local daily. Specifically, Alice asked Jane whether she will be overwhelmed working as a mother of four children, given that the position she was being interviewed for, was highly demanding. Moreover, she remarked that she was seeing a prospect that Jane would require many maternity leaves on her general work schedule, which would be detrimental to the firm. The two candidates reported to Alice, the HR, and the two were interviewed by Alice, Diana, who was their former manager, Justin, a director in the company. George was selected for the promotion of Jane. Analysis Issues of justice can draw different perspectives from varying agencies and bodies. Referring to the scenario above, the Equality and Human Rights Commission can see the case as an apparent case

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