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1) Explain at least 2 forms of “outsider music” that emerged in 1970s American popular music. How did their music represent a distinct shift away from the mainstream? Use specific examples. The 1970s show the introduction of various musical forms in American popular music, reflecting a diversification and dramatic shift in which the restlessness and consumerism of the black audience; led to the burnout and abandonment of conventional music styles; where the white Americans long-held the European tradition to support form and style. Rock’n’roll that was synonymously discrete metamorphosed into rock music that included various styles such as punk rock, and heavy metal music. The voice in heavy metal music was subordinated to the band’s overall sound. The Bread and America groups produced soft rock music, developed from pop rock, producing hits such as "Make It With You.” Country music too evolved into a new style called outlaw country, which gravitated towards rock with lyrics aimed at the alcohol and drug-related criminal antics of the bands, such as Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye drew inspiration from socio-political events of the time and psychedelic rock to produce soul hits on social commentaries. 2) How did the "British invasion" impact popular music in the United States? In what ways were British invasion groups based on previous American popular music? Use specific examples. The British Invasion was a movement that started with the Beatles in January-February 1964 (“I Want To Hold Your Hand” appeared on the Billboard’s Top Forty charts) where various UK bands created an uproar and large following in the

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