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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: In various societies today, there are both technology losers as well as technology winners. Technology winners are those who have benefited considerably from technology while the technology losers are those who have experienced negative impacts from the technology. Some of the winners are the young people of the current generation who are well conversant with the computers and the computer related devices as well as their applications (Zickuhr and Smith 2-18). The current societies that are in a position to use computers in various services such as treatment in hospitals are considered as winners of technology since they benefit from the technology. Various businesses have also been able to gain competitive edge because of technology ("The Winners And Losers Of The Digital Revolution" n.p.) Individuals who are in the position of getting access to the internet are able to communicate or even reach their relatives and friend in the remote areas with a lot of ease. On the same note, new technology has helped many countries to have good returns on their economic investments. On the other hand, technology losers are those individuals who have had negative impacts from the technology (Niman 77-87). For instance, the people who use the technology in their studies do not find the best interaction or contact compared when they take their lessons from classrooms or lecture halls. Some of the negative impacts leading to a loss in technology include when a student wants to ask an urgent question from the lecturer, he/she will not get an instant answer. Similarly, the students who enroll for online studies will have difficulty when

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