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Part 1: Short Answer 1. Zheng He was a Chinese explorer who carried out seven voyages in 28 years between the years 1405 to 1433. He is believed to have controlled the biggest ships in the world at the time and explored vast areas such as South East Asia, South Asia, islands in the Indian Ocean, Africa nations and many others. During his voyages, Zheng He made peaceful visits and helped spread Chinese culture as he intermingled and interacted with his hosts, apart from a few instances where he met hostility and retaliated. While he was traveling, he assisted people in the places he visited through improving their lives in religion, agriculture, building roads and digging. This made many individuals to appreciate him and adopt some of the Chinese cultures. Some of the evidence of appreciation are the historical sites seen at various temples in Indonesia, Kenya, Thailand, and India. 2. During his tenure, Louis XIV centralized the power to himself and made it clear that he was beyond any laws and was only accountable to God. He weakened the forces that would weaken his dictatorship. Some of these forces were the legislature which was denied its traditional rights to make laws, and he remained the only lawmakers. Furthermore, the wealthy nobles were weakened and power given to the new aristocratic families so that he could control them. The King had ministers, secretaries, and governors who were supposed to help him but he ordered them never to make any decision unless he is the one who has ordered them. These are just a few examples of the absolutism of Louis XIV. 3. Contrarily, Timbuktu was strategically located geographically in West Africa. It was a center for trading

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