Shoes Mini Case

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Name Course Instructor Date TOMS Shoes TOMS shoes is clearly a going concerning. Though not profit motivated through its mission and vision, the company via its owner seems to have accomplished its goal and objective of shoe distribution over the world through its policy of one for one. Owing to this, the company and the management need to set up a new course, vision and goal to so as to have a new challenge. The management team is posed with the question of what next after achieving its primary goal. The company should be more profit minded as a new step and set up a new profit target and move towards profit maximization as a new challenge. While at the same time ensuring the giving out of shoes to the poor is achieved through the use of profits to donate new shoes to the world. The company can achieve this through diversity in shoe production by producing different types of shoes with classification basing on quality, price and material used. The company has the potential to make an enormous amount of profit due to its familiarity to the shoe industry and world recognition where it has been featured in some newspaper and television programs. The company has the potential to attract a large pool of resources through debt financing due to its global knowing and endorsement by famous organizations like the Clinton Foundation. Moreover, the company can attract huge revenues by partnering with non-governmental organizations and government through its effort in ensuring people have shoes. In this regard, the company can mass-produce shoes for such organizations at lower prices due to economies of scale. While the organizations get enough shoes, the company has

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