Shark Tank Presentation

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Teacher’s name Student’s name Class Date Shark Tank Presentation following is a list of things that the presenter did well: Clear and concise verbal communication – He is audible and able to elaborate all the details of the products in a short span of time. Interesting presentation - the presenter opens the talk with a relevant example of the problem that his product would need. He also gave a complete production and marketing history of the product (Walker 3). 3He gives each of the presenters a pair of sneakers to give them a feel of his proposed product. Great bargaining skills – He is above to demonstrate the vitality of the product and the possibility to grow. He does not give up after the two sharks fail to make an offer. Despite everything looking gloomy, he still holds strong and refuses to take the first offer on the table. This way, he is able to make a better deal. The presenter makes a deal of 200000 dollars for 35% equity. This is the second offer after one of the sharks proposed the same figure for 50% equity. The presenter’s initial offer was 25% equity for 200000. The product fails to hit this mark because the sharks are not familiar with this product. The presenter established the idea and tested it in Japan and has not sold in the US market. The presenter is therefore unable to convince the sharks that he can replicate the same success witnessed in Japan to the American market. However, with the help of members of the panel, he can convince the sharks that the product will be viable in the longer term. His personal history also

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