Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry analyze Nigeria as target destination for export and investment

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Analysis of Nigeria Name Institution Analysis of Nigeria General Issues The Republic of Nigeria is located in West Africa. It borders Benin to the west, Cameroon and Chad to the East, Niger to the North and the Gulf of Guinea to the South. Nigeria gained her independence from the United Kingdom in 1960 and in 1963 the country has declared a republic. The country’s capital, Abuja was developed in the 1980s. It was, however, declared the capital of Nigeria in 1991 replacing the previously known capital, Lagos. Notably, Nigeria’s government is a Presidential Federal Republic, and the official language is English. Additionally, the country is the most populous nation in Africa with a population of about 167 million people as per the 2011 census (Maps of World, 2016).The laws passed by the Nigerian government are accessible from a central website, the Nigeria Law Report website. The Constitution of Nigeria can also be obtained from the website. Moreover, the website contains all the judgments of the Supreme Court and the court of appeal (Nigeria Law Reports, 2016). Naira is the official currency of Nigeria. It is subdivided into Kobo with a hundred Kobo making up one Naira. The current exchange rate of the Nigerian Naira against the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) is 85.833 Naira for one AED. Moreover, 317.15 Naira equals to 1 United States Dollar (USD). Special issues The national assembly of Nigeria is a bicameral legislature. It was an establishment of section four of the country’s constitution. The Senate consists of one hundred and nine members, whereas the House of Representative has 360 members. The Senate’s head is known as the President of the

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