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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Shame Through difficult times, the practice of patience has helped change the outcome of certain situations we encounter in our lives. After living all my life with a lot of impatience, some events and circumstances often change people's perspective, to be more precise, some event does humble a person. All of it started when two strangers accidentally walked through our front door, out of paranoia, my parents’ goat annoyed and my father pulled the trigger. Wanting to know what they needed, he ended up shooting the wrong person. A court case was well set up and having so much confidence and assuming he would win the trial; he went straight for an expensive lawyer. Four tests later, he was accused of attempted murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Impatience is a thing well known in our family; it could not be accepted that he would live in prison. All members agreed to make an appeal, which meant more cash outflow despite the fact that we still had to attend school and pay for all the other medical bills. No one saw how the money mismanaged, after all, hope was lost we had to settle down and rebuild our lives as a whole. Financial constraints started coming our way, every family member was frustrated, while others just disappeared and got involved in weird and expensive hobbies. My elder brother could not bear the trauma anymore; he had to take care of both himself and me while looking after my mother's welfare as she had taken a liking to drinking and smoking. No one could tell where the money he used to settle all the bills came from, but no one dared ask. Being used to an expensive lifestyle, and

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