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SEXUALITY By (Name) Course Professor Name of the School City and State Date The viewpoints on sexuality have changed over time, and the question of who should be responsible for providing sexual education to young children remains unanswered. This paper shows the various changes in viewpoints on sexuality and also discusses the various people that should be responsible for teaching the youth about sexual education. Various themes are covered in this paper in the attempt to explain the changes in sexuality and the responsibility for sexual education for the young generation (Hauser, D.2004, 15). The various themes include sexuality, family, parenting, education, peer influence, media influence, value, and morality. The viewpoints on sexuality have changed over time since it was earlier believed that teaching the youth about sexuality and sexual education would promote premarital amongst the youth. This notion has however been dismissed and currently some parents are educating their children on sexuality. Various factors have contributed to teenagers paying for sex; an example is the availability of pornographic materials on the media. Availability of pornographic material on the internet and other media influence teenagers to seek sexual satisfaction from se workers, who are found on the same websites (Dailarf, C. 2001, 14). Some of the teenagers who are known to have had sex with prostitutes are at the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and later transmitting the same to their girlfriends who they later have sex with. It is recorded that most teenagers having sex at the first time do not use condoms, thus risking infection. This is due to

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