Sexual Orientation

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Sexual orientation refers to the patterns of the romantic, emotional and sexual attraction of a person towards a certain gender. This is highly an enduring pattern of sexual attraction to persons of the same sex, opposite or both sexes. Under this consideration, gender identity refers to the inside sense of one’s femininity as well as masculinity and everything else in between. On the other hand, gender roles refer to the physical outlook of gender or rather what the society usually considers as gender stereotypes of what is feminine and masculine. This includes things like wearing skirts, having long and short hair. However, it is important to note that since these are own society views, the individual sense might be completely different. In this regard, the term cross gender is used to describe people who behold behavior that is stereotyped to belong to the opposite gender. Moreover, transsexual is used to refer to a group of people who transits to the opposite gender. Though gender variations are factors that require great attention in the society, research has found out that most of the clinicians lack the necessary skills and experience to work with the gender variants pre-pubertal children, adults, as well as adolescents. Clinicians, in this case, are required to realize the possible contributor factors that fuel in the transsexuals’ development. Understanding the nature versus nurture contributors can help in answering all the questions involving gender variations in human beings. Research has found that for many children, the behavior variation in a certain gender starts at the age of two years. During this age, most of the children are heard as they openly

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