Sexual Harassment in the work place

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“Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” Student’s Name Institution affiliation Abstract Sexual harassment is a custom of sex percipience that infringes the sex discernment laws in the workstation and the “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” The act encompasses unsolicited erotic progress, call for sexual courtesies, vocal or corporeal behavior that is sexual in nature and among many other acts that may intimidate a man or woman sexually (McDonald, 2011). In the past few years, instances of voluptuous pestering have been recounted including legal suits like the cases of Clarence Thomas vs. Anita Hill, Mark Foley, and Bill Clinton vs. Paula. Therefore, it should be noted that the acts have adverse effects on the victims involved in their daily undertakings. Employers and employees can reduce the act in workplaces through comprehensive/effective training and provision of preventive programs for employees like whistleblowing. Thus, this will assist workers to be in a position to report the acts to relevant authorities so as they get a fair hearing and avoid the adverse implications that are related to the actions (Zamboni, 2009). Therefore, this paper shall apply the cases of Clarence Thomas vs. Anita Hill, Mark Foley, and Bill Clinton vs. Paula and other readings so as to support the hypothesis of the research. The U.S “EEOC” defines sexual pestering in the workstation as an act that involves undesirable sexual progress or demeanor of erotic nature which arbitrarily hampers with the enactment of an individual’s occupation or crafts a daunting, unreceptive, or belligerent work atmosphere. The act can range from tenacious invasive sexual puns to

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