Sex Lives in Second Life

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Name Professor Course Date The context in which the concept of docility influences gender performance About the influence of the docility concept on gender performance, feminism forms part of the movement that seeks to stop oppression among women. I believe that one of the best ways to understand a woman following this claim is through taking into the consideration the sex term; "woman makes the selection of her fellow human females, and also the virtue of a human female relies on various and anatomical features such as genitalia. On historical terms, the majority of feminist have their divergent way of understanding "woman"; not on sex basis but as a gender term that relies on social and cultural factors such as social position. In doing this, they make a distinction of sex from gender as much as the native language users seem to give treatment to the two aspects in an interchanging manner. Recently, for example, this distinction has received continued attacks, and most people see it of late with a lot of suspicions. From my point of view the influence of docility concept on gender performance, sex and gender are different things to different feminists and at the same time not easy or direct for characterization. As at present, I also have a feeling sex and gender are co-extensive; that is women are part human females while the male is part of the human males. Also, I still maintain that several feminist have in the past failed to reach an agreement and also have sided with sex or gender incidences of distinctions. However, from my conscience or levels of understanding, sex refers to human females and males that rely on biological features such as

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