Service Learning Reflection Paper

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Service Learning Reflection Paper The service that we selected as a group was to visit EKG center where we learned many things that are of significance to our study. The facility hosted by the St Joseph Hospital was an emergency center that offered free checkup to the public. We had an opportunity to visit the AKG room, and we got a chance to interact with 70 patients. The experience was good, and we learned how to read the EKG strip and apply most of the things that we had learned in class. The experience will be of help in our studies and also in nursing practice in future. Our interactions with the patients were part of the learning that gave use confidence that we were prepared to undertake nursing practice. The management of the hospital cooperated, and we had a successful service learning. We also ensured that we had impacted the lives of the patients that we got at the facility. The agency that we selected was an EKG Center. The EKG Center is a facility that is of great significance because it is involved in recording heart’s electrical activity. The information obtained from an EKG is used by medical professional to ascertain the regularity of the heartbeats, possible abnormal condition, the strength and the timing of the electrical signals, and heart rate. The location was perfect for the learning project because most of the things that were to be learned are applicable in daily lives. The procedure is also painless, and it was a good experience because we could encourage people to undertake the test. We planned to visit the facility in a group and set out some objectives of the visit. We started by discussing on what we were going to achieve by the end of

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