Servant Leader

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Who is a servant leader? Many people vie the name servant as a big form of honor, respect, and prestige. At the heart of the servant leader is a godly attitude that portrays an eagerness to recognize the virtue of others and have a perception that he or she is not above any human or other people. This type of leadership delineates a clear divide between a Christian and non-Christian perspective of leadership. In comparing and contrasting the construct of servant leadership, a review of the Greenleaf’s model of servant leadership shed light on the provenance of this concept. According to the author, Greenleaf, the servant leader is an individual who is first and foremost a servant. Greenleaf points out that a servant leader usually experiences some natural feelings that he or she wants to serve the people. He or she then possesses some conscious choices that make him or her desire to lead the others. However, the difference is manifested in the type of care that is applied by the servant since he or she should first ensure that the high priorities of other people are being served correctly (Daft & Lane, 2005). The article asserts that Jesus Christ was the first person who taught Christians the concept of servant leadership. The author continues his discussion and focuses on Jesus Christ’s model of servant leadership. Two of Jesus’s disciples James and John were blinded by their fascination with power. Jesus instructed them that “whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant” (Mark 10:23, NIV). In this case, the term servant was a synonym for greatness. In his teachings, Jesus points out that the greatness of a leader can be measured by a total

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