Senseless Drop-out?

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Senseless Drop-out? Society continues to evolve and invest in a better tomorrow, some ways in advancements such as renewal energy, technology, and even discovery of other planets. On the other hand, all these skilled professionals have to learn and master their crafts and in one way or another have experienced a similar educational system. As time goes on, education is proving to be a vital component to better finical stability and quality of life. Besides staying in school plays a critical role in obtaining an education, coincidentally dropping out of school has repercussions both short and long term. So dropping out of school has become a trend nowadays, but there could be potential unknown adversities or situations that sometimes dictate the course of their lives such as the effects of losing a loved one. The paper will examine two primary sources of the reason as to why students drop out of school to supplement the existing information from the secondary sources on school dropout. The paper will look at all possible causes of school dropout through the combination of the observation and interview methods. Sometimes, the inability to complete school is not solely based on academics and ability, although that is not always the case. A loss in a loved one may affect a student’s life in several different views such as the lack of motivation to do something. Others drop out because of the external forces such as peer influence, unbearable regulations as well as negative perception towards education among many other things. In the newspaper article, Dealing with the pain and anguish of losing a loved one Carol Forester shares how she is reminded of her loved one while at

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