sense of right and wrong

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Student’s name Instructor Course name Date Christian I was raised up in a Chinese community where Buddhism is dominant. However, ever since my family moved to the USA in 2009, I have interacted with people with different perspectives on religion. My parents practice Buddhism. They also follow Chinese traditions. Buddhism has had a direct influence on the way I view things and morality. For instance, the moral code got from Pancha Shila, Paramita, Brahma Vihara, and Sigalovada Sutta have influenced my view on consciousness, etiquette, virtues, and vice; all which are used to determine what’s right and wrong. However, I practice Christianity. It has Ten Commandments that have to be followed, based on the Old Testament, and the greatest one that tells one to love God with all heart, soul, and mind (New Testament). I will discuss the commandments on murder and stealing. Murder hurts the victim' loved ones and causes loss of life. Stealing causes personal loss of material wealth. Christianity teaches that murder and stealing are all wrong since it is God's written law in the Bible. Universally, murder and theft are wrong in most denominations, with exceptions of some denominations, which operate with an eye for an eye and a tooth for the tooth CITATION Mik18 l 1033 (Bennet). The latter have their justified reasons for that, for instance, in Islam, the right to the wrong of stealing is cutting off the hand that ‘stole.' Suppose some people differ with such universal wrongs, they are deemed wrong too. Murder and stealing are wrongs that occur due to man’s nature, thereby applying the Natural Law. Everyone, no matter the religion follows the Natural Law.

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