Self-Expression Values

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The aspect of culture has already gained a spotlight in psychology. The existence of elements such as collectivism and individualism acts a significant role in expressing other concepts such as culture embeddedness, autonomy values, secular, traditional and self-expression values (Inglehart and Oyserman, 6). Individualism and autonomy are based on a civic or social structure that allows the projection of personal freedom, individual choices like religion affiliation, and self-actualization. Therefore, autonomy is the focus of a particular individual as the major unit of analysis while collectivism, on the other hand, is the focus of a particular group as the prime unit of analysis. Contrarily, people have a tendency of selecting things that are socially accepted as their prime priority. Therefore, individualism and collectivism are influenced by cross-cultural variation. This means that autonomy or self-expression values are entirely widespread in an intergenerational transformation that occurs at a huge economic growth when vital constraints of personal decisions are reduced (Inglehart and Oyserman, 9). In short, economy prosperity acts as the crucial factor that broadens individual choices while limiting cultural constraints at some time. Material scarcity always pressures people, and this makes them emancipated into strict cultural constraints that limit their decision capabilities. Consequently, cultural psychology concepts incorporate two varying visions that are either malleable or static in defining a particular culture. In the static model, culture is evaluated in historical parameters that are predetermined by a set of group differences based on philosophical,

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