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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Self evaluation Online facilitation on my side was a great success due to the different features that I put in place. Some of these features include writing out clear instructions, using formative activities, a model, and icebreakers. Clear instructions helped me to communicate to learners what is expected of them. Formative activities included quizzes and a checklist that was essential for planning and ensuring that all the activities to be done were well taken care of. A model enabled me to plan as well for what needed to be done as the course developed. On the other hand, icebreakers aided in reducing anxiety which lead to effective interaction with the learners. However, I encountered a few challenges; for example, I had to be very thoughtful before responding to the discussions so as to keep the learners motivated. More so, I had to include all the posts in my summary so that none of the students feels left out. Positively, virtual teaching was a good experience for me. This is because having students solve issues on their own by merely providing guidance and boosting their self-esteem gave me the feeling of contentment. Writing down clear and precise instructions was a good move since learners did exactly as I expected of them saving on time. Icebreakers as well helped the students feel at ease to work with me and other group members. For me to improve my skills, I need to put more effort on student motivation by going a step further to ask why exactly they are pursuing the course. Surprisingly, online facilitation differs a great deal with face to face teaching requiring careful selection of resources

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