self driving vehicles

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Name Professor Course Date Self-Driving Vehicles The application of self-driving vehicles is among the modern discussions as the world utilizes technology-based solutions to resolve problems. Research findings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that 90% of truck accidents occur as a result of human errors CITATION Pau17 l 1033 (Wagenseil). The driver was either exhausted, texting, drunk, or overtaking another vehicle. Naturally, the solution becomes rehabilitation or proper training for the driver. However, robots using artificial intelligence have proved effective in auto-piloting airplanes and military weapons. The same concept could apply to vehicles because the electronic section of the structure embedded with microprocessor becomes a fully automated vehicle. The idea sounded fantastic until I started to think about all the unexpected incidents which occur on the highway or any other road. Some of these incidents are busting of tires, exchanging of lanes, and sudden movement of animals and birds. In fact, the whole self-driving vehicle suggests that thousands of Americans will lose their jobs as drivers. Then again, the government may offer free training to other professions so that could give a temporary solution to issues of unemployment. Nevertheless, the self-driving vehicle is an inescapable future solution to road accidents and faster movement of vehicles. Computerized systems are famous for their ability to adhere to the manufacturer setting. In so doing, the autonomous vehicles end up obeying all traffic rules and appears perfect in theoretical terms. On the other hand, this feature affects the functionality of the

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