Self-directed learning

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Self-directed learning entails an individual taking up the initiative and all the responsibilities of the learning process (Candy 6). Here an individual selects, manages and evaluates their own learning activities in terms of time, place, means and it can take place at any age. When approaching the learning of a new topic, we sometimes approach the learning already having some knowledge on the topic thus helping learn the new topic with a lot of ease. For instance, two years ago I wanted to learn something on sustainable marketing but since I had some prior knowledge on marketing, I was able to grasp the concepts faster than when approaching the new topic without any clue. Every time there is an upcoming exam for a course, people portray different studying rituals. For instance, I usually study in the morning whenever I have an upcoming exam. So my studying ritual is studying in the morning. A study in the morning normally works well for me from one course to another since in the morning I am still fresh, energetic and ready to grasp the course concepts. I consider myself an independent learner because I am able to plan for my own study timetable. With this I normally end up learning more since adding some contents on the concepts learned in class is possible. I don’t think being an adolescent or an adult can influence whether a person is a self-directed learner or not, this is because age does not necessarily determine the kind of motives a person may be having while studying. For example, I have witnessed an adolescent planning for his study strategy; this is possible for adults too. It is just a matter of directing oneself towards a goal while studying at any age

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