Self control

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Self-control, Anger Management and Success Author Institute Affiliation Self-control, Anger Management and Success Self-control is the ability to keep one's feelings and emotions in check or rather balanced even in the face of temptations. One’s self-control has the capability of stirring them to greater heights as it’s in this that leaders are drawn and other mentors. The ability could be developed over time, although its best achieved and natured growing up such that one has better management of feelings in their professional work later in life. Nonetheless, there’s no need to feel left out just because of inability to maintain self-control in the face of anger. Koellhoffer, Murphy& Banas, 2009 explore a few viable options for dealing with anger and enhancing self-control. In many occasions, anger is expressed in words. Often, one makes a mistake of not weighing what they speak beforehand. To enhance self-control and manage anger, take the time to think of your options, weigh the consequences of the words and avoid using them if they are bound to cause harm. To further enhance this, they emphasize on taking breaks to calm down and expressing oneself much later rather than having a confrontation. Alternatively, any person could try finding a way out of the situation that angers them, that way; they will remain relaxed and maintain self-control. Exercising, undertaking relaxation skills and always maintaining positive relationships with others; by not holding grudges, will go further in helping in managing self-control. Although there is a cause for every angry situation anyone gets into, avoid passing blame, but rather, one should take time to express

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