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Student’s name Instructor’s name Child Development Date Self-Assessment Dennis grew in the slums of Chile, being the third born in a family of five. Two of Dennis siblings were stepsisters, while the other two were Dennis brothers. Life was hard in the streets, though it was made easier due to Dennis love for football. Dennis is now an adult and married with two kids, both girls. Dennis is a cool, ambitious and talented boy. The boy grew in a religious family and followed the Catholic religion, which is popular in Chile. Dennis is now a professional footballer, playing for Colo-Colo as a midfielder. The passion for football began while Dennis was a kid, where the boy went to train with older kids at the Colo-Colo training grounds. The coaches saw the child’s potential and immediately signed the player at the age of twelve. Dennis loved helping out others, especially at home since the slums faced perennial water shortage. During Dennis teenage years, the teenager was proud of being confident, sociable and respectful. However, during Dennis adolescence stage, the boy began plaiting his hair and dying after some time. The behavior was strange for a boy raised by religious parents. Furthermore, the boy started becoming rude and mainly wanted to be independent. The behavior is synonymous with Erickson theory on role confusion, enumerating that adolescents take up roles which the minors are less knowledgeable (Rathus 10). Dennis admits that much has changed and only hopes his passion for football remains in the foreseeable future. However, Dennis believes that the support accorded to him by his parents enabled him to transition properly from adolescence to

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