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Self-Assessment My writing and reading skills have significantly improved since I started the English 101 class. Initially, I had many mistakes ranging from sentence construction, use of transitional words, pronouns, and mainly subject-verb and object-verb relationships. I initially lacked sense and fluency in all my essays. However, with time and after going through the extensive class readings, listening and writing, my grammar has improved, and I can now boast of better prose and clearer themes. I have also advanced in my talking and can now boldly express myself without redundancy. This can be proven from the previous essays in this class. The rhetorical analysis essay about the perils of ‘Sharenting’ was a test about how best I could analyze a story. What was required was the basic understanding of the major themes, the styles, and characters. I consider my ability to skim through a story and get the general ideas workable of late. After that, I take analytic approach while reading the story in depth considering every detail. This has helped me unravel the major theme of a story and the writer’s recommendation. In this assessment, I was able to identify the use digital media as a threat to children privacy when the parent is not careful on what they post. The essay on ‘the relationship with literacy’ was a self-reflection and an assessment of my understanding of the word literacy. Through the essay, I was able to reflect my childhood and connect it with the current standards while exploring the stages I had to pass to be where I am today. This required the use of many transition words something that I had been struggling with for some time. However, with

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