Select one important character preferably Edmund from king Lear and show how his character affects the outcome of the events

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Edmund’s Influence on the Outcome of Events Edmund is a character and the main antagonist in King Leah. As seen in the play, he is the bastard son of Gloucester and younger than Edgar, the legitimate son. He is first seen as a noble, courageous and intellectual person whose undertakings might lead to great success. However, his father makes his birth a theme of spiteful debate. He compares him to another elder son before him amidst a feeling of resentment and shame. This course of events wounds Edmund pride and awakens his enmity. Edmund feels that he is unfairly the subject of events for which he is not to be blamed. The illegitimate status awakens in him his mean, cunning and self-worth character that leads to an insatiable greed for power. He plots against his brother Edgar by forging a letter allegedly wrote by Edgar seeking to usurp the estate. “I beseech you, sir, it is a letter from my brother, that I have not entirely read and for so much as I have perused, I find it not fit for your looking.” (Shakespeare 13). Gloucester believes all that he was told and starts lamenting on the level of treachery in the world. Edmund later takes advantage of Regan’s and Cornwall’s presence in their house to fake an attack by his brother Edgar. He is ready to face any pain and repercussions due to his greed for power as seen by his cutting of his arm in this scene. This incidence seemed to prove to Gloucester that Edgar was truly intent on taking the estate for himself. He, therefore, banishes him from his sight, never to set foot in the house and that anyone who caught him would be highly praised. “Let him

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