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Name Professor Class 9 December 2016 Manifest Destiny and Native Americans Introduction America was uncharted territory when European explorers discovered it. The fact that no one back then wanted to think about, is the American Natives already lived here. These settlers displaced the indigenous people off their lands, in a succession of land grabs. When they refused, they were murdered. This occurred in multiple ways. It was murder, enslavement, starvation, and pestilence (US History, 29). The unexpected problem was that the Europeans brought diseases with them. The natives had no immunity to protect them from the diseases. Many died as a result. These next paragraphs will disseminate Manifest Destiny as it relates to Native Americans. In the mid-1800s, Manifest Destiny was an extensively known belief in the United States, that its settlers were destined to grow the country in size by moving West in America, at great cost to the Native Americans. It appeared not to matter that the native peoples occupied the land. The migration was on, and it turned out to be violent and bloody, with the Indians on the losing end. The trip is fraught with all the perils of uncharted lands. The Natives were not so happy to see them and attacked the settlers regularly. Many did not survive the trip. The Indians sent many raiding parties to disrupt the migration route. In John L. O’Sullivan’s case, he settled in the Texas/Mexico area. The Natives were an inconvenience, to the great expansion. It was not their destiny, but the settlers’ destiny. Sullivan was the first to use the words Manifest Destiny. Typical of most settlers’ true mission was to take over the land from

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