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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Psychology Date Reflection on "Three warrior teachers and their ascent from Drug`s inferno." The poem takes us through the transition process of three drug addicts from being addicts into reformed individuals. The author shows some of the effects from the use of drugs by the discussion of the affected parties on how the drugs were bad to them (Konduru N.p). For instance, they discuss on the way smoking was unhealthy; “Each of the three Share their wisdom Of how hell`s smoke Blurred their vision Inducing sleep.” They go further to elaborate how the use of alcohol affected their judgment and movement; “Booze glass by glass The slippery slope.” The poem shows the feelings that these people have after they recover from drugs and are now ready for a new life. At the end of the poem, the last stanza indicates that they are ready to have a wonderful life that is far better than what they had experienced before, “A Zen master once said: “Why don`t you die now and enjoy the rest of your life” (Konduru N.p). There is also a classroom which is being used to create awareness about the negative impacts of the drug addiction as seen in the three warriors. The main theme of the poem is the change that the three brothers experience from being drug addicts into new people who are free and clean in souls. The continuum model is evident in the poem from the start. The three warriors did not know the impact of using drugs. The transition process helps them to move from abnormal position to supernormal; “For the road upward out of, Addiction`s Inferno.” The stanza indicates that there is movement from one situation to another.

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