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Interview Interviewer: Good Morning, can I have your name, please. Mr. Toups: Good Morning too. My name is Bobby Toups. Interviewer: Thanks, Mr. Toups. I would like to ask you several questions about your family’s history in Immigration. Mr. Toups: You are welcome. Interviewer: Does the family has a history of Immigration? Mr. Toups: Yes, our great Grandfather were Germans who immigrated to America and stayed in the Deep South. Interviewer: And so he became a German- American? Mr. Toups: Yes. Interviewer: Now Mr. Toups, the country’s Immigrants have faced numerous instances of Marginalization in the country. Has the Toups’ family ever experienced that? Mr. Toups: Oh yes. But it came much earlier in the course of the World War I. Interviewer: Please tell me more about it. Mr. Toups: During the World War I, the Germans Americans were prominent people across major cities in the United States. In the initial years of the war, everything was perfectly alright, but all changed when America joined the war. Particularly, in 1917 and 1918, the anti-German sentiments were propagated across the United States. Interviewer: Could you please expound on the anti-sentiments? Mr. Toups: Both Germany and the United States were on opposing sides during the war. When the United States immersed herself fully into the war, propaganda that all German Americans in the country were traitors and pro-German forces started doing rounds. As a result, in the deep South, German Americans who were prominent in different businesses had to oblige to patriotic calls, which involved hefty contributions towards the American troops. Failure to do that warranted a censorship in business and great

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