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Criminal Justice Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract Heroin has posed a serious threat to the United States, drug industry, health sector and security, and the threat has increased steadily since 2007. The drug is readily available in sufficient quantities, and many people have addicted it, and this has resulted in a large number of overdose deaths. The U.S’s 2014 report on heroin assessment showed that about 10,575 Americans lost their lives because of the heroin overdose and this number could be three times that contained in the 2010 report (DEA Intelligence Report, 2016). The increasing need for heroin in the country is motivated by increased supply of the drug in the U.S market and in the prescription usage where the controlled prescription drug abusers use the channel to obtain it at favorable prices. The threat regarding CPD abuse is said to have caused deaths that double those caused by heroin and cocaine combined. The North Central and the North East regions are the most prone to heroin abuse according to the 2014 report (National Drug Threat, 2016). Due to the high number of heroin-related cases across the United States, this paper examines the most recent heroin assessment with the aim of identifying whether the drug abuse prevention strategies for heroin are playing a role in the reduction of drug abuse cases. United States Heroin Threat Assessment Report Introduction In the recent past, the United States has witnessed increased use of heroin because of the increase in purity of the substance. This has enabled the drug to be easily inhaled through smoking or snorting broadening the appeal of this

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