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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: I have always been interested in pursuing Science, Mathematics and Computer Science because I often find it fascinating. Right from a very young age, I was attracted to programming and video games. At age 16, I was well conversant with several programming languages that spurred my journey of my study. The motivation drew me towards logical problem solving. I developed curiosity when I was in 4th grade, and I began learning computer programming using "Scratch." The curiosity and my interest in computer programming since then have helped me design and write multiple games using JavaScript, Python, and Java. For many years, I have had great interests in robotics, computing, and science which has been followed by multiple courses related to problem solving, math and robotics during the summer at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) camps. My first project at CTY on robotics was a robotic vehicle using Lego Mindstorms ev3. I went to create the first robot with a group from Legos. After a great deal of challenges, our robot was able to work, putting my group right on top in the competition. However, our robot could not traverse a hilly terrain full of vegetation which created another challenge. It had to be a robot that could fly – the drones. So I was able to build a quadcopter. It was a great challenge, but I took an initiative of researching how to program in Arduino, motors, GPS, barometer, and RF radio control to interface with a laptop. After a long struggle, I successfully developed a quadcopter. Soon after building the quadcopter, I encountered a technology that used an EEG headset which tracks

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