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Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Abstract Neonatal abstinence system refers to a series of problems in the newborns as a result of the abrupt termination of the substances abused by the pregnant mothers. NAS is becoming a common condition in nations across the globe and much consideration about this condition is made in the clinical field in the world. There have been great contributions towards knowledge, treatment, and results about NAS in the medical field although insights into this area show significant challenges to the clinicians. The condition is evident by more than fifty percentage of all the children exposed to drug substances during the pregnancy period. The indicators of withdrawal in NAS affected newborns remain nonspecific; however, various scoring systems are employed by the clinicians in the detection of the severity of withdrawing thus providing room for appropriate medical therapy. Its management largely depends on the diagnosis of urine and the Finnegan scoring systems. The scoring systems aids in the assessment of the severity, initiating, monitoring and termination of the medications. Several drugs are safe and efficient in containing this condition among the newborns. Medical practitioners use the nonpharmacological care as the initial treatment method which is followed by pharmacological care upon the development of severe withdrawals. The treatment of NAS often relies on the use of morphine. This paper, therefore, highlights the NAS condition with its impacts on the affected entities, various treatment methods and long-term effects on the baby. Moreover, it explores different Opioid substances

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