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Creative Writing: Story of Carter Institution: Date: Carter, a teenager boy, was always at loggerheads with his father and step-mother. The conflict was because Carter was a lazy kid who could not do anything by himself. After school, Carter would go home and play video games for the rest of the day without even bothering to help his parents. His Step-mother was very concerned since Carter was already 18 years old which meant he would soon have to move out and start his life. His step-mother wanted to prepare him for the world, but Carter was adamant especially due to the support he got from his father. There were regular disagreements between Carter’s father and step-mother regarding Carter’s behavior with his father saying that teenagers should be left to do what they want. The step-mother knew that this was a misguided notion since Carter was already a young adult who should start working and saving for his future and more so, Carter setting a bad example to his toddler brother. “Carter, I am worried about your future, you need to start applying for a job so you can start saving up for a car, gas, insurance, and anything else you might need or want. You are old enough to take on more responsibility. You should be doing more than going to school and then coming home to sit on your X-box all night.” Carter’s step-mother could be heard saying, “It would also be nice if you could pitch in around here a bit. Your Dad and I are always trying to make the best home for you and your little brother. It wouldn’t hurt you to do the dishes, take out the trash or even put away your clean clothes when we wash them.” She would retort. With opposition from

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